Tuesday 26 February 2013

Bad food + beer = good food

Last week it was the excellent Chelmsford CAMRA winter beer festival, even more excellent since a move to bigger and better premises. After the first five pints of beer and cider (never a smart mix) it was food time, and the choice for me was a burger and chips. Cheese and bacon in the burger and a very generous dash of both BBQ sauce and burger sauce, and some mustard on the chips.

If you had asked me at about 8pm I would have told you that this burger was the best thing I have eaten for a long time, and even now I remember it as something great. I’m sure it wasn’t, it can only have been the beer talking. This got me thinking…

What is the best thing to eat, to accompany a drinking session?

There are many options here : kebab, curry, fish & chips, burger or McDonald’s being the most common for me. All things considered, I think it just has to be a kebab. But never, ever a doner kebab, this is not an acceptable choice. A chicken shish or lamb kofte are my personal favourites.

Any thoughts? Disagree? Even care? Thought not!

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  1. For me Chrissy boy its back home for a bit of cheese on toast. When I was younger and ohhhh so much more adventurous it would have been a shish or a kofte kebab without a doubt.