Saturday 2 March 2013

Raj Lodge, Old Harlow

Most Friday’s I work from home. In order to break up the day, I like to over-indulge for lunch. Sometimes just something nice from Sainsbury’s or a sneaky little take-away, but sometimes I like to go out for lunch; even on my own! About five minutes’ drive away in Old Harlow is an Indian restaurant called Raj Lodge. I’ve been a few times in the evening and I suddenly remembered yesterday that I have seen a lunchtime special on offer, so decided to try this for lunch.

This lunchtime special is made up of four things: chicken tikka masala, vegetable curry (like the one you would get with a biryani), rice and a naan bread; all for £5.95. You know what? It was great. I would never normally order a chicken tikka masala, but this was fresh and fragrant; and the rest were all excellent. The naan bread was especially good, straight off a hot stone and perfectly crispy. I can’t remember the last time that I ate this quickly either!

As I said, I have been here before and the food has always been good but the lunchtime special was a revelation for the price. This is easily the best value place I know to eat and will now be a Friday regular… an un-beatable pence-per-mouthful and a worthy SUPER-DISH!

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