Tuesday 30 June 2015

Arbetter’s Hot Dogs, Miami, FL


I’ve written recently about two hot dog places in Miami : Dogma and Sweet Dogs. Both are excellent, but they serve sausages rather than traditional hot dogs. What Arbetter’s serves are mild, mixed-meat skinless franks… and I wish they sounded even half as appetising as they taste.

These are standard, inoffensive franks that take on flavour well, which is why they work so beautifully here. The business has been open for 40+ years and I just LOVE it. This is the place that excites me most at the moment, any excuse to visit this part of the city. The chilli dog is great, the dog with the tangy, hot relish is EXCELLENT, combine either with the chilli cheese fries and I don’t think there is a better plate of food to be found in Miami for the price… $5.95! The drinks are super cheap too and if you say “I love Larry Bird” (retired Boston Celtics basketball player) you get a free refill.

 No frills. No pretense. Go!

747 SW 40th St, Miami, FL 33165 | www.arbetters.com