Thursday 14 March 2013

Fish & Chip Quality Awards

Few things are as important in life as fish & chips. Still the nations favourite takeaway and a Friday night fixture in houses up and down the country. A good fish & chip shop is hard to find and when one is discovered it should be frequented as often as possible, as so many are struggling.

Finding a good chippie is a challenge, but I have recently discovered a website that is a good way to cut a corner. This is the Fish & Chip Quality Awards, the standards of which only 3% of the 8,500 chippies in the UK are able to meet.

The aims of the scheme are as follows…

The UK’s best quality and best tasting fish and chips.
Fish sourced from environmentally sustainable stocks.
Freshly and safely prepared under well managed conditions.
Clean, hygienic and safe premises.
Well trained staff and service with a smile.

Each premises is inspected by a trained industry professional (a job I feel I could do). Personally, I’m not especially bothered about sustainability or hygiene, as long as the food is good, but this is good to know.

So, log onto the website and enter your postcode. A world of quality fish & chips awaits you, it made me consider places I wouldn't have normally given time of day to.

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