Sunday 17 February 2013

New Mexico, Sawbridgeworth

Over the years, I must have eaten here at least twenty times. It’s always been what I like to call a ‘banker’, somewhere that can be consistently relied upon to provide great food, great service and a great atmosphere. However, the last few visits have been distinctly average so a visit last night was something I was looking forward to, a chance for redemption? No.

To start with, mixed platter. Chicken wings, stuffed peppers, mozzarella sticks, loaded potato skins and nachos. All OK and inoffensive but nothing special. The nachos were the best bit, which is saying something!

Main course was a chorizo and cheese burger, not something I have chosen before. Again, it was OK and again, it was nothing special. I did wonder if I ordered badly (normally I would have fajitas or ribs) but the four people I shared the meal with all said something similar. The best bit was the side portion of re-fried beans, which remain excellent.

It’s a real shame, but the whole experience was as per my recent disappointments. A few years ago the restaurant increased its capacity twofold and maybe it has just bitten off more than it can chew? The service was very slow also, we had to chase our drinks and they missed out on at least an extra round from us due to being inattentive.

A real shame. Not going to give up on New Mexico permanently, from past experience it deserves at least one more chance.

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