Thursday 14 February 2013

Hollywood Bowl, Watford

So, this week I went bowling for the first time in literally years. Actually, it was really good fun and something I would want to do more often. The food choice for dinner was limited: beef burger, chicken burger or vegetable burger.

I ordered a beef burger and chips, in a cardboard box. I was very hungry and really looking forward to this, as (in some sort of weird postmodern world) a burger in a box in a bowling hall has the potential to be be good and honest.

It wasn’t, it was awful. The worst beef burger I have eaten for a very, very long time. Small, tasteless and dry. The chips were average French fries which needed some serious seasoning to make palatable. Unfortunately the condiments were of a low quality, and were watered down. This is my first TOTAL STINKER of 2013 and I am going to add a SNAIL SERVICE because the dude with the dreadlocks took forever to fix the bowling machine when it went wrong, which happened often! Go, but don’t eat!

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