Monday 18 February 2013

Valentine’s cheese feast!

My boyfriend cooked me a gorgeous beef wellington on valentine’s day, washed down by a delicious bottle of red wine. I would recommend the wine, Château La Martre from Bordeaux; it was bought from a wine merchants called Dalling & Co. in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire.

The meal was finished off by a massive cheese board. The cheeses on offer were just from Sainsbury’s but he found a blue that I’ve never tried before. It was called Blackstick Premier Cru. It’s a British blue with a soft texture and is slightly creamier than stilton. It was amazing.

Sainsbury’s new cheese collection range is really good value (they had a promotion, 4 for £10) and I’m not sure whether it’s the packaging that makes me feel like the cheese is more premium or, the fact that they really are? The standard stilton and camembert were as good as any I’ve ever tasted.

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