Sunday 13 January 2013

The perfect Christmas cake takes a year!

Last night I made this year’s Xmas cake, from a Mary Berry recipe that I used for 2012 that was fantastic. Last year the cake was made in November 2011, so it had thirteen months to develop the flavour. This year, only eleven months so hopefully my laziness won’t make a difference to the flavour for 2013.

I think a good Xmas cake is an important part of the whole experience so it is something to be taken seriously. At the moment the cake is well protected, wrapped in a layer of baking paper in another layer of baking paper in a layer of tin foil inside an old Quality Street tin. Every month it will be opened, un-wrapped and ‘fed’ with cherry brandy so it will be very moist and very boozy by December!

I really can’t wait to eat it. Time to start thinking about the Xmas pudding?

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