Sunday 13 January 2013

Pink Spice, Harlow

According to Trip Advisor, Pink Spice is the best restaurant in Harlow. That’s a bit like being the tallest dwarf, or the fastest tortoise. It’s not exactly a great claim given the limited competition, but when every one of the seventeen reviews of Pink Spice have awarded the top score (5/5) it should be good.

We went for lunch today with the kids and some friends and had the Sunday buffet, never exactly the best opportunity for a restaurant to show its quality. The words ‘great’ and ‘buffet’ are not normally heard in the same sentence. But, guess what? It was.

Firstly, the poppadum’s we ordered were accompanied by some lovely, fresh dips. Dips are important. There were seven of them, three different types of sweet chutney, mint yoghurt, coriander salsa, tomato salsa and a dry coconut powder. All lovely.

Then there was the wide range of dishes available, you can see from the labels that these change constantly. Instead of the normal chicken tikka masala and one other, there were four main course dishes available. As well as the main dishes there was Bombay potato, onion bhaji, rice, nan bread, chicken tikka and mushrooms. And the quantity of dishes didn’t mean that quality suffered. All excellent. And I don’t mean buffet excellent, I mean actually excellent! Great, fresh flavours from all the dishes and a nice range of heat, from mild to genuinely hot.

Highly recommended across the menu and very deserving of a SUPER-DISH; at £8.90 for the buffet this place is great value for money too. A lot of people who are local to me will wax lyrical about Vojan on the A414 between North Weald and Ongar, I challenge you open your mind and visit Pink Spice instead.

Pink Spice, Commonside Road, Harlow, Essex, CM18 7JB

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