Wednesday 9 January 2013

We love this website in our (generally very hungry) house and have been using it for about six months or so. I think it must be pretty popular nowadays as I know a few people who use it regularly, and they can afford to advertise on the idiot’s lantern! In case you don’t know what it is, it’s very simply a takeaway portal, linked to individual takeaway restaurants. The beauty is the fact that you can order your favourite dinner without having any contact with a human being at all!

If I type in my postcode I immediately have access to 23 different takeaway restaurants. Why is this website any better than just picking up the phone? Arguably it really isn’t and probably takes a little longer, but we use it for three resons…

  1. All of the takeaway restaurants are rated by users of the website. A takeaway is very often a lottery (especially where I live, it seems) so this helps sort the good from the bad without me needing to spend £20 to do so.
  2. You can pay by card. If you phone my favourite pizza place, you cannot do this, which is a pain if you are terrible at ensuring you have cash in your wallet. This seems more ethical than raiding one of the children’s piggy banks also.
  3. As you add things to your basket you have the option of adding who it is for. At the end you get an itemised bill, very useful if you have a bunch of friends over for dinner and want to split the bill accurately.
My only complaint is that it can sometimes be a bit slow, but for me the three positives more than make up for this one negative. Give it a go!

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