Tuesday 1 January 2013

Chip shop wisdom

I think that if you get a truly great fish & chip shop, it is better than any other takeaway offer. Yes, even Indian in my opinion. The best thing about a chippie for me is being able to drop in just for chips. I reckon we do this every other Saturday for lunch, and simply combine with some ham and eggs (or something equally simple) for a great lunch.

It seems to me that most chippies will automatically ‘up-sell’ and give you a large portion of chips as standard; I find this annoying, I remember a time when there was just one portion at one price. In my local we either buy one large portion or two small portions of chips for our lunch (between four). This got me thinking about value for money, the breakdown of the choice is as follows…

The prices are correct at time of posting and the weighing of the portions took place within the last few weeks. We are all familiar with the ‘bigger pack, better value’ philosophy when shopping for food but this appears to be inverted here. A small portion of chips is £3.84 per kilo, whereas the large portion is exactly £5.00 per kilo. This is a 30% increase, all wrong. So the choice is clear, buy two small portions, which is 61% more money for 93% more chips. Let me just say that again…

93% more chips.

Almost double, which can only be a good thing!

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