Sunday 7 April 2013

The Rib Man, Brick Lane, E1

This morning I managed to tick off one of the entries on my food ‘bucket list’ and visit The Rib Man on Brick Lane, part of the extensive and varied range of food available at the market on a Sunday. I have heard about this place many times and then when it was featured on Lorraine Pascale’s TV show, it was somewhere I desperately wanted to visit. If you click onto the website, you will see a picture of the proprieter serving Adam from Man vs. Food, and if it is good enough for him it just has to be amazing! My expectations were sky-high this morning at 9am when I tucked into my first bite of the rib meat roll.

Was it worth all the hype?

Hell yes. Best rib meat I have eaten by a country mile. Must have been cooking for hours to be as tender as it was, it just melted in the mouth. This was beautifully flavoured pork and there was a lot of it, a truly great portion size for £6. Just as importantly, it was served in a roll that was worthy to contain the excellent pork. And the homemade BBQ sauce is simply great, a real depth of flavour that you just couldn’t get in an off-the-shelf bottle, an amazing recipe that is now sold bottled from the stall. My friend and I seriously considered ordering another rib meat roll straight afterwards, and then again when we walked past on the way back to the car. It was that good.

A great experience and a lovely way to start the first sunny day of the year! I chatted to the guy who owns the stall for a while and he was super-friendly, genuinely happy that we were enjoying his food so much, he passionately cares about his food. A sign of success is surely in the way that he runs out of food typically three hours before the official end of the market, so go early! The Rib Man is also to be found at Kerb (formerly known as Eat Street) on King’s Boulevard near the new King’s Cross concourse on selected days mid-week so worth checking it out there also.

An easy choice for a SUPER-DISH and very, very highly recommended. So very, very good.

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