Tuesday 2 April 2013

Bengal Spice, Loughton

I’m pretty sure this place used to be called The Eastern Eye, just a few doors down from the police station in Loughton. I’ve been plenty of times before and always nice enough, but I think that Friday night was the first time I have been since it has changed hands.

I wanted something mild and light, having over-indulged (unusually!) the few days before. So I went for the chicken shaslick. It was lovely. Fragrant, fresh vegetables and juicy chicken.

Also some cabbage bhajee to accompany and a keema nan. I’m a big cabbage person and don’t often see it on the menu at an Indian restaurant, I’m really glad I did as it was as lovely as the shaslick. Keema nan was good, but I couldn’t finish the whole thing so had to hand over the last quarter to a friend.

This place was great, really nice and definitely somewhere I want to go more regularly. Those I had dinner with all agreed as well, everyone enjoyed what they ordered. Been looking for a eating-out staple Indian for a while, and Bengal Spice in Loughton might just be it. Recommended.

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