Wednesday 3 April 2013

Sfizio, Ware

I was out for dinner on Easter Sunday and the pub we were going to was frustratingly closed for food. So we decided that given it was a ‘funny’ day for opening hours, it seemed prudent to go to a large-ish town and try our luck there. So we went to Ware and had a hunt around. I have eaten in Ware a few times, but only in an Indian so was interested to see what else Ware had to offer.

We found an Italian hidden away in a side street called Sfizio.

The menu looked interesting from the outside so we decided to give it a go, a family business for about 10 years. First impressions were mixed : a large Italian family around a noisy table was a good sign, but the décor wasn’t great, a little clinical and the lighting was way too bright. However, the attentive waiter meant that we soon got into the place, especially when we discovered they serve proper Italian Peroni, not the UK version you see so commonly over here!

Starter was mushroom ravioli, which was one of the daily specials. This was served in a gorgonzola cheese sauce and was appropriately strong and tasty. My only complaint (as a pedant) was that the pasta was a little too al dente for my liking, but I am clutching at straws here.

Main course was rose veal wrapped in Parma ham, served in a tomato based sauce. Great, although could have done with an extra two or three meatballs as I felt the dish was a little small. Served with sautéed potatoes which were lovely and crispy and an OK side salad. The revelation from the main course was the homemade chilli sauce that arrived on the table to accompany our main courses, just spicy enough not to mask the flavour. Delicious.

The high point was the homemade tiramisu for dessert, also from the daily specials selection. This was a big portion but I could have easily eaten this over again it was so lovely. I’m awarding a SUPER-DISH here as it has inspired me to work on perfecting my own tiramisu, a dessert I adore when done well.

In a nutshell, highly recommended. A great random find. Seems to be plenty of interesting places to eat in Ware so watch this space… I have my eye on a Spanish and a Turkish restaurant to try in the near future!

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