Saturday 6 July 2013

BHS Café isn’t all bad… who knew?

I had lunch with my mum on Wednesday, which is always a pleasure (she reads this so I have to say that). We were looking for somewhere to sit down for a light snack and she suggested the café at BHS. Yeah, I know, BHS! I was a little worried but hunger took over so that was that.

BHS was founded in 1928 and, even in 2013, it often seems only a few tape measures and ornate columns away from being Grace Brothers. We ascended the escalator into the dark first floor of the department store, which feels a lot like going back in time and waking up in 1975. The tables and chairs were awful and the décor was worse. Grey, beige, grey, beige. My mum had a sandwich and I decided to try a chicken burger. The lady serving said that it would take 15 minutes to cook, so at least it was being made fresh. I sat down and waited.

When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised. It was actually quite nicely presented in a basket, and was accompanied by chips and onion rings. When I ordered the lady asked me whether I wanted burger sauce or firecracker sauce, so I said “both” obviously. Both were great, the burger sauce was nothing like those big bottles you get in kebab shops and the firecracker sauce lived up to its name, some decent heat. The chips were great, freshy deep-fried along with the onion rings. Crunchy and delicious. The chicken burger was lovely too, not amazing but far better than expected and encased in a nice glazed sesame seed bun. Even the tomato and lettuce was fresh; well, fresh for an in-store café.

In summary, a surprisingly tasty experience; seek it out and see if you agree. I think Young Mr Grace would be very impressed!

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