Saturday 4 May 2013

The Meze House, Folkestone

I was looking for somewhere interesting to eat whilst in Folkestone at the weekend, so consulted TripAdvisor for some advice. The Meze House was a restaurant I had never heard of, rated #3 amongst Folkestone’s 83 restaurants so definitely worth investigating. I’m a big fan of Greek food, and it isn’t something I get to eat very often so I was suitably excited. The restaurant is in a great location just off The Leas, underneath a slightly crappy old hotel. Walking down the stairs and the atmosphere in the basement restaurant is nice; it is subdued and softly lit. However the all-Irish staff doesn’t give you the confidence that this is going to be an especially authentic experience!

I shared the inevitable meze with a mate. First of all (again, inevitably) was houmous, taramasalata and tzatziki served with pitta bread. All were good, none were brilliant. The horiatiki salad was nice, well dressed with balsamic vinegar. The grilled halloumi was for me the best of the starters, probably best of the whole meal actually.

Inevitable (third use of this word) was the calamari, which was unfortunately not as good as the calamari I had for lunch a few hours earlier. The fish course was seabass, which was very good and was devoured quickly. The meat course was souvlaki (pork) served with chips and a flatbread. The souvlakia was fine, as were the chips.

All of the above was fine, no more and no less. Exactly the same thing you would expect to see in any mid-level Greek restaurant in any town in the UK. I might visit again, but I would not by any means make a bee line for this place. The trouble is, once you have eaten at the best Greek restaurant in the UK (Vrisaki in Palmer’s Green, which is AMAZING) nothing compares!

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