Monday 20 May 2013

China Garden, Standon

Regular readers (both of you) will know my feelings about Chinese food… mostly bad. When it’s good it’s great, it just isn’t very often. A random need for dinner somewhere a few weeks ago ended up at China Garden in Standon, a new one on me.

Starters were the usual Chinese fare, deep-fried but perfectly palatable. None were exceptional, but the high point was the additional order of salt & pepper squid which was very nice indeed. Crispy duck to follow (obviously) which again was nice but unexceptional.

Main course was a Chinese classic, sweet & sour chicken Hong Kong style. Tasty but lacking in much chicken. Served with some vermicelli noodles which were very nice indeed.

So, really nothing special, but perfectly fine. As a quick ‘drop in for some food on the way out somewhere’ restaurant it has much to recommend it; but honestly I think I would have been just as satisfied stopping for a kebab or for some fast food.

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