Friday 28 June 2013

Lussmanns, St. Albans

A colleague of mine who lives in St. Albans has mentioned this restaurant many times so it came highly recommended; and an opportunity to entertain one of our overseas partners was the excuse for a visit a few weeks ago. Before going I clicked onto the website and a quote from Giles Coren was the first thing I saw…

“Everything a modern local restaurant should be so thank heavens for that.”

Giles is the restaurant critic in The Times and just about the coolest man in the world; high hopes then when walking through the door for dinner. High hopes that were entirely justified.

The starter was hunter’s bruschetta, which was recommended by my colleague as the starter to have at Lussmanns. This was Cotswold wild boar chorizo, wild rabbit and wild mushrooms, with garlic and parsley. Obscenely delicious and worthy of a SUPER-DISH, the chorizo and rabbit were beautiful together and I could have eaten it twice over.

Main course was a Brixham crab linguine, which was also very lovely and just spicy enough. A camera malfunction means no picture here. I must admit a certain amount of food envy when I saw the beautiful looking steak that my friend Schmitt had chosen… luckily she eats relatively little and I got to try some of my own (as in fact I did with the herring starter). 

Dessert was sticky toffee pudding, my favourite so I’m hard to please here. I was very pleased, it was supremely good and a second SUPER-DISH for this lovely meal.

There is a Lussmanns in Hertford, much closer to where I live so I will try and visit this location very soon, they are also opening a third restaurant in Harpenden in August. Seek out Lussmanns if you are in any of those locations, very highly recommended.

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  1. I used to visit Lussmans in Stortford - but it was bought about a year ago by Belgique (there's one for you to critique - quite er erm unique). Anyway I loved Lussmans at Stortford - not cheap but great food. There is one on Hertford too.