Friday 13 September 2013

The perfect pulled pork… a super quick recipe!

OK, so a super-simple and super-quick-to-prepare recipe, one that can be left in the oven and forgotten about (although the smell is impossible to ignore)! You’ll need to get a big piece of pork shoulder or loin, if this is a big joint bought from a supermarket you will probably need to remove the string; leave to rest in a baking tray.

Mix together some salt, pepper, mustard and chill (finely chopped fresh or powder) with some olive oil and make a paste; rub this into the pork. Sprinkle some garlic cloves (to taste) and onion over the pork and in the tray. Pour a cup of white wine vinegar and a cup of cider into the tray and then cover fairly lightly with baking paper and then a little tighter with foil before sticking in a pre-heated oven on a medium heat (180C ish). Leave as is in the oven for three hours and then take out to remove the baking paper and foil. Put it back in the oven for another hour uncovered.

Take it out of the oven and ‘pull’ it with a couple of forks to break it up and serve… amazing in a roll with some BBQ sauce and coleslaw.

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